Sunday Services
9:30am Meditation
10:00am Inspiration
14 Hillary Lane, Chico, CA 95973

What our community values at Center for Spiritual Living, Chico. with a artistic photo of a silhouette meditating over a lotus blooming.

Joyful Community/Belonging

Is the sense of closeness and belonging, involved with others; a unified, dynamic group of people with common practices, who serve and rely upon one another, make decisions and create together, identify themselves as part of a larger common unity, and commit themselves for the long term to their own, one another’s and the group’s well-being; connected in joy, fun and playfulness

Spiritual Practice

The act of clearing negativity or false belief(s); aligning the mind with the presence of Spirit through: visioning (Spirit’s vision), meditation, mindfulness, affirmative prayer, study, giving, service; affirming what we seek is already so in God, and as we are One with Spirit, it is already so in us


Genuineness; acting in alignment with the truth of our being, our values and beliefs; walking our talk; confidence and faith in the honesty and integrity of self and others


Is the sense, feeling, act of being thankful; valuing what others contribute;. As well as, seeing and responding to the blessings in one’s life


Direct experience and relationship with the Divine; knowing God, not as a person, but as a Principle of life; the breath of creation; creative intelligence; discovering and living the truth of what we already know deep within


Universal Oneness of Spirit, mankind, all of creation; many as one perfect, harmonious whole; One Infinite Life; not a person but Principle of life; the breath of all life in creation


Awakening to the Spirit within as the source of understanding and skill for living; intuitive knowing and spiritual discernment


To us is caring, kindness, consideration, and empathy