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The Center for Spiritual Living Chico holds Science of Mind classes and other Mystical teachings regularly throughout the year. See ourEvents ) section andFaceBook ) page to keep updated on the latest learning opportunities here at our Center.

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Science of Mind classes

Foundations:  Foundations of Science of Mind. This is the introductory class and is a pre-requisite for most other classes. In this course you will learn about the ten Core Concepts of Ernest Holmes’ Science of Mind philosophy, as well as the basics of affirmative prayer, also known as “Spiritual Mind Treatment.” This class is experiential, with many guided meditations and exercises to assist students in embracing and incorporating Science of Mind principles.
Textbook for the class (by Ernest Holmes):  Science of Mind
Foundations:  10 week class

Prerequisite: Foundations
Essential Ernest:
  This class delves into all of Ernest Holmes’ writings, feasting on his quiet, devotional writings as well as his impassioned, chalk-in-hand teachings to future leaders. His love of people and facility for seeing past their problems into the heart of their eternal being anticipated modern psychology while relating the human condition to a limitless ability to choose what to think and to feel.
The textbooks for this class are: The Science of Mind by Ernest Holmes; The Essential Ernest by Rev. Jesse Jennings.  (10 weeks, required for
Practitioner Studies)
Essential Ernest:  10 week class

The Principles of Successful Living:  Welcome to a new way of seeing you life.  This class is designed to open new vistas for you.  In the Science of Mind textbook, Ernest Holmes provided a very rich source of information and ideas for living our lives.  This course distills from the text, the simple, practical tools for creating your dreams.  It is a step-by-step exploration of the way to living more effectively through a deeper understanding of how God reveals Itself in everyday life.
The Principles of Successful Living :  10 week class

Power of Your Word:  Explores spiritual mind treatment and its use for treating for another by examining each stage of treatment in depth. You will learn how to identify the underlying factors for effective prayer, describe prayer content and write affirmations and treatments that address personal desires and needs for yourself and others. On the personal level, you will learn how to identify any personal limiting beliefs and describe situations in which you interrupt your prayers.
Textbooks: (by Ernest Holmes) Can We Talk to God? and How to Use the Science of Mind (24 hours)
Power of Your Word:  8 week class

Prosperity Plus:  A dynamic video-based, 10-week program that teaches a NEW WAY OF LIVING centered on the spiritual practices of an ABUNDANT LIFE!  In this program, you will move from fear, scarcity, and limited thinking to a life full of possibility, prosperity, and promise.
Throughout this course, students will discover the 10 Universal Laws that
govern an abundant life and will be given the opportunity and encouragement to put these Universal Laws into daily practice. This 10-week “experiment” will be the catalyst for greater self-awareness, deeper spiritual practice, more meaningful relationships, financial increase, and a stronger self-esteem.
Prosperity Plus:  10 week class 

Ignite Your Life with Bible Wisdom:  During this ten to fifteen-session course, participants will be introduced to ways to interpret stories from the Hebrew Bible, as the foundation for the teachings of the Master Teacher, Jesus.  Students will gain a metaphysical awareness of the life journey of Jesus as a model for renewing their own mind, and as a context for Jesus’ teachings.  Students will become familiar with the power of the parables’ stories as inspiration for transforming the soul.  Students will also be guided to relate the parables to principles of the Science of Mind.
Required Text: The Holy Bible, translated by George Lamsa, Learn to live: The meaning of the Parables, by Ervin Seale, Optional: Metaphysical Dictionary, by Charles Fillmore
Bible Wisdom:  10 week class

The Mind-Body Connection:  As you journey through this class, you are asked to keep a journal where you can record your thoughts and your physical manifestations.  This important tool will allow you to experience the class in a very personal way.  Take advantage of this time to open
your mind to a new experience of understanding your body, your body of affairs, and the creative power of the mind.  Deepening your understanding of the Mind Body Connection will transform your thinking and your life.
The Mind-Body Connection:  8 week class 

Prerequisite: Foundations
Exploring the ROOTS of Science of Mind:  The roots of Science of Mind run deep and wide through the religions, philosophies, literature and science of humankind. This is an amazingly transformational class and a fascinating journey through the minds of New Thought luminaries who greatly influenced Ernest Holmes, the founder of Religious Science. You will deepen your understanding of the philosophical foundation of Religious Science and other New Thought teachings, and be inspired by the power of the written word. Truth lives on through the works of the authors and spiritual pioneers that we study: Ralph Waldo Emerson, Judge Thomas Troward, and Emma Curtis
The textbooks for this class are: The Science of Mind by Ernest Holmes; Emerson’s Essays, Ralph Waldo Emerson; The Edinburgh and Dore Lectures on Mental Science, Thomas Troward; Scientific Christian Mental Practice, Emma Curtis Hopkins (10 weeks, required for Practitioner Studies)
Roots:  10 week class 

This Thing Called You:  This class was created to deepen the student’s understanding that he or she is an individualized expression of God.  Topics of exploration include:  co-creation, the power of belief, your inner authority, and how to increase your faith.  This is an excellent class for new students and as a refresher course for more experienced students.
Textbooks:  This Thing Called You, Ernest Holmes
This Thing Called You:  8 week class
Visioning:  In this class you will become proficient with the deep process of visioning. Visioning is a basic tool for all United Centers for Spiritual Living Centers and groups. In this powerful, transformative practice, you will open yourself to listening to the voice of Spirit within at a deeper level than you have ever before experienced and take your life to the next level as you become an open channel for Spirit to serve the world.
Textbooks: None required.
Visioning:  8 week class 

Practitioner I – Living the Principles:  The first year of Professional Practitioner studies focuses on deepening our knowledge and understanding of The Science of Mind; continuing our process of
self-discovery, personal responsibility and the power of choice; and the
development of consciousness.
Term 1: “How Life Gets to Be the Way It Is,” is based on the Law of Cause and Effect.
Term 2: “Living a Life of Choice,” is based on the Creative Process in the
Term 3: “Living Life Fully,” is devoted entirely to expansion of consciousness. (30 weeks. 90 credit hours. Interview required. Prerequisites Required
Prac I:  30 week class 

Practitioner II – Life of the Professional Practitioner:  In the second year, students learn necessary skills for working with clients; the application of Spiritual Principles in human conditions through expanded use of Spiritual Mind Treatment; the role of service in spiritual community; and development of the deepening consciousness of a healing presence.
Term 1: “Professional Skills and Responsibilities,” deals with the Practitioner/Client session.
Term 2: “Spiritual Healing,” is devoted to the process in healing.
Term 3: “Dedication, Commitment and Service,” empowers the intention of each student to develop his or her Professional Practitioner practice within the church and in the world. (30 weeks. 90 credit hours. Prerequisites
Prac II:  30 week class 

If you are considering becoming a practitioner, below are the classes you will need to chose from:

I. FOUNDATIONAL LEVEL COURSEWORK Choose 1 among the following 3 courses as the prerequisite for the subsequent courses:

  1. New Foundations of the Science of Mind
  2. Beyond Limits
  3. The Spiritual Path/Spiritual Mind Treatment (SOM 101 and 102)

II. ERNEST HOLMES PHILOSOPHY Choose 1 of the following 2 courses:

  1. The Essential Ernest Holmes
  2. Building a Healing Consciousness/Principles of Successful Living (SOM 103 and 104)

III. HISTORY/PHILOSOPHY COURSEWORK – Choose 1 of the following 2 courses:

  1. Exploring Roo5rvts
  2. From Whence We Came

IV. CONSCIOUSNESS – Choose 2 or 3 of the following courses:

  1. Building a Healing Consciousness (SOM 103)
  2. Creative Process in the Individual (SOM 213)
  3. The Edinburgh Lectures (SOM 207)
  4. Meditation is More Than You Think
  5. Power of Your Word
  6. Practical Mysticism
  7. Self-Mastery: The Emergence of the True Self
  8. Treatment and Meditation: Spiritual Practices for Daily Living

CONSCIOUSNESS ELECTIVES -If only 2 courses from the consciousness category are taken, students can include 1 course from the vast selection of all other Certificated Courses.

What Students Say about Science of Mind Classes:

“I wanted something to change and through classes I realized I needed to be the change I wanted to see.” K.N.

“Science of Mind principles are simple, and yet demand daily practice and application. When I was willing to do the work, that’s when new and great manifestations started occurring in my life.” C.F.

“Science of Mind saved my life. No kidding!. Through learning how to think I really did learn how to live a full rich life ” L.S.

“Classes keep me growing. When I am involved in classes I continually work my practices and learn more about myself, which reawakens within me my Divine greatness.” C.L.

“I awoke to the inner dynamics of why I was experiencing such turmoil in my life!” M.T.

“Science of Mind classes were the door that opened me not only to the spiritual principles that govern my life, but to incredible bonding with my like-minded class members!” S.M.

“Seek and ye shall find. Well, classes gave me the permission to see with new eyes and to seek from within myself for the answers and the love I desired.” M.S

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