Sunday Services
9:30am Meditation
10:00am Inspiration
14 Hillary Lane, Chico, CA 95973

Through the leadership of our Spiritual Directors, Staff Ministers and dedicated Practitioners, we continue to celebrate our commitment to the teaching of Dr. Ernest Holmes and to the vision, values and mission of the Center for Spiritual Living Chico.

About us & what we do

Center for Spiritual Living™ Chico provides spiritual tools and practices to transform personal lives thereby helping make the world a better place. We are a spiritual community that honors all paths to the Divine Universal Source. and can help you experience a personal relationship with that Divine. When we are connected to that Divine Source, then other areas of our lives fall into place – we are happier, we can do more for others, be better stewards of the Earth, and help bring peace and harmony to the world.

Come find us on 14 Hillary Lane in Chico (map).

How we serve the local community

Center for Spiritual Living Chico serves the greater community by actively engaging in groups called Seva (selfless service) Teams that work with Salvation Army, Torres Shelter meal programs, Adopt a Highway and our Change for Change program to make a difference in our local community. Our Center dose our part by donating to local non-profit organizations every month.

Our Weekly & yearly Services

We serve our own spiritual community by organizing Sunday Inspiration services that are inspiring, a vibrant music program – both the Spirit Chior and local musicians the preform every Sunday morning. As well as metaphysical Science of Mind classes, self-awareness workshops and special events, community meetings and weekly newsletters that keep our members informed and involved in person and online. That way our community always has access to our Centers events.

Our Center’s Promise to chico | ” to always be inclusive “

Here at our Center for Spiritual Living, Chico – we seek to ever-strengthen the community through an empowering, welcoming and affirming group of loving people. Who are dedicated to improving their spiritual relationships through happy, fulfilling practices. The community strives for the betterment of all mankind by open-minded acceptance of others.

we are LGBTQ+ loving & Affirming

We honor the LGBTQIA+ community, all ethnicity and cultures, genders and ages ranges. Especially those young at heart. Everyone is welcomed here at our Center. We all are spiritually inclined and are on our own unique spiritual journey. We all have inner wisdom and creativity that should be encouraged. Namasta.

~ Sincerely, Center for Spiritual Living, Chico