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LEtter to Our Community

April 19, 2020

Dear Beloved Community,

As many of you know, our annual theme “Deepening Our Connection,” was inspired by Dr. Ernest Holmes’ “Sermon by the Sea.” As we had planned, tomorrow we will live stream Rod Loomis, Licensed Religious Science Practitioner, reciting this beautiful sermon. A perfect inspiration for these times.

While it may seem ironic that this pandemic has arrived for our theme for this year, it is perfectly Divine for Spirit to call us first to Deepen our Connection with ourselves. Yes! That is where it all begins!! I know several people who have decided not to watch the news based on the fear and anxiety it brings. A good choice for not letting the outer world distract us from our relationship with ourselves and our Source. We begin within. 

Now being one month into our shelter-in-place, we may actually be having to face ourselves and reflect more deeply about who we truly are without the distractions. Are we driving ourselves nuts or others we live with nuts? Or are we now able to just be? Be the Divinity and the Peace that we are without the distractions or drive that society “puts” on us or we put on ourselves? Are we anxious because we feel we “should be someplace else” or doing something else? Or can we be happy and content with just Being?

I call on each one of you to Be the Presence. Be right where you are, the Light of God, and marvel at the wonderous life that lives in you, as you, through you and around you. Deepen that Connection! It is such a gift!

For tomorrow, if you’d like to follow along with the text to Sermon By the Sea, it is here:http://ernestholmes.wwwhubs.com/holmes10.htm

We will be meeting in our Zoom room tomorrow after our Inspirational Service is over for a little social time. There were about 20 of us last week and we enjoyed connecting with each other as a large group and also in small groups when we are randomly placed into breakout rooms for a few minutes to check-in with others. 

You can use the “Zoom Cloud Meetings” app on your smartphone (download it now so you are ready for tomorrow). Here are the instructions for how to use Zoom on your smartphone.
Or you can use your computer if you have a webcam and microphone.

Check your email for Zoom session details.

Love you all and see you online!
-Rev. Kathy
Spiritual Director
Center for Spiritual Living, Chico