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Learn how by reading chapter 22

Additional Video Resources

Hear what people are sharing online about their experiences during / after an intention circle! Learn how it works from people who have tried it by checking out the videos below.

Get to know the author

Believe it or not, author Lynne McTaggart was hesitant to jump on the band wagon of The Law of Attraction and The Power of Intention.

As a journalist, Lynne was a skeptic by nature. Her skepticism made her determined to find out if there are quantifiable changes “group intentional thinking” had on its surrounding environment.

She conducted her own research experiments in small / large scale groups. Lynne herself could hardly believe her own results!

Check out the videos below to hear Lynne McTaggat’s useful tips and trips to help you set an intention during a healing circle, how she came across the idea, and her research processes.