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10:00am Inspiration
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Figure meditation over water ripple sunset and rainbow image of serenity

Deep Peace Meditation

Allow yourself a moment of deep peace that is with in you, always awaiting your recognition. Whatever reason brought you here. Let’s us connect consciousness in the One Divine mind. Begin by noticing that changes and the feelings in your body. As you enter the sacred space, take a deep conscious breath. Then exhale fully…

Tropical ocean wave tranquil image of the ocean sunset

The sea of Oneness Guided Meditation

Welcome & namaste! This is an online recording of May 2nd’s guided meditation. This meditation has been created by registered and licensed Science of Mind practitioner John Boyle, to coincide with our CSL Chico Center’s May theme “Oneness”. Please enjoy and have a blessed day! Guided Meditation “Sea of Oneness” by John Boyle R.Sc.P. Today…

Glowing blue heart vibration image

“I am free to be me” Guided Meditation

Thank you for joining us online for our Center’s guided meditations designed to relax your body, and bring solace to the mind by shifting your focus. Each meditation is hosted by registered Science of Mind Practitioners – who have dedicated themselves to the teachings of wellness and personal empowerment. Let their peaceful words guide you…