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10:00am Inspiration
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Guided Meditation screen shot of Elieen

The Power Of Words Meditation

For many January Wednesday 6th, 2021 showed us how powerful words can be. Catch up with Rev. Eileen Brownell’s with her grounding guided meditation titled the “Power of Words”. Rev. Eileen looks for wisdom from both the Christian Bible and Buddhist belief on the throat chakra. Words go from formlessness to form. By using words…

Screenshot of Kathy Fernandes online Sunday Service Guided Meditation for New Thought Science of Mind Service woman wearing white turtle neack and navy jacket with short hair

Gratitude & Resilience Mediation

“How we choose to react to adversity is what matters most, over the adversity itself.” Join Rev. Kathy in November 29th’s online guided meditation on “Gratitude & Resilience”. Follow Kathy into a state of gratitude. Grateful for what is, and the beautiful Northern California transition into fall. Get centered and allow yourself to be present…