Sunday Services
9:30am Meditation
10:00am Inspiration
14 Hillary Lane, Chico, CA 95973

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Rev. Kathy Fernandes & New Practitioner Interns!

Today’s Sunday Inspiration lesson explores Science of Mind philosophy by discussing how it empowers lives from first hand experiences with our Center’s newest group of practitioner interns Katt Llewellyn, Crystal Livley, Julie Fisher, and Amy Roberts! Who have been studying the New Thought based philosophy to become fully registered Science of Mind Practitioners here at our Chico Center! Hear what they have to say about Science of Mind, how they found the spiritual practice, and what it means to them!

To start off, Amy Roberts gracefully points out that taking classes shifted her towards not just simply “knowing” the philosophy, but towards living the philosophy each day. Weather it was at the grocery store, or even the bathroom. She realized it became easier to ground herself at a moments notice, and that she didn’t have to break open the giant Ernest Holmes text books her New Thought parents loving left behind for her after they transitioned. She realized what she needed was inside all along. Just like when a stone mason chisels away marble to revel the statue figure inside, she felt she was just unbarring her true self underneath.

Many of us became called to Science of Mind in many different ways. Maybe it was through a class or Sunday service like this one. Years ago when Katt Llewellyn found her self at a spiritual center, and right away she knew something just clicked. So when she later found herself at our Center for Spiritual Living Chico, she felt right at home. The vibrations were right, and she knew she was in higher alignment from the start.

While many of us grew up in a religious environment during early childhood. The Sunday services may not seem like the most inviting setting due to past experience with organized religions. For Crystal Lively it was easier to attend the fun and humor filled Science of Mind Magazine study groups on Thursdays with R.Sc.P. Randy Techoff. Than attend every Sunday service.

She enjoyed how the class offered a more personal approach to someone’s connection with the Divine. But soon she realized that even though our Center kepted many traditions like Sunday service, we also choose to actively breathe new life, and new energy into them. Staying away from the dogmatic elements, and instead embracing loving and lasting friendships that encourage personal growth and understanding. With a lot of wiggle room for personal interpretation. Furthermore, Rev. Kathy describes it as a way of life, there is no dogma.

The most wonderful thing about how Science of Mind can empower us is best describe by Julie Fisher who really felt, “the life gain is more than you would ever expect. It changes your life in your everyday thought, every moment thought. Oprah said “Once you know it, you can’t pretend you don’t. It’s embodied spiritual practice from a “practical” sense. I have gained five people in my life that will never not be a deep part of my spiritual experience. We were blessed to have Vicki Lopez in our second year. Again priceless, it’s life changing, it’s life affirming, I can really say life is easier now, it’s a great thing.”

She first stepped her toes into a spiritual Center in Orgeon, and felt called strongly, and started working there right away. She found herself surrounded by a whole community of practitioners, and just wanted to learn more. Years later, she is so close to completing her training into becoming a registered practitioner.

Congratulations to all four of new practitioners. We love hearing how much the teaching has greatly improved and empowered each and every one of you. We are so grateful for our wonderful community!