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9:30am Meditation
10:00am Inspiration
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Magic of the soul

Now is the time to explore and appreciate the beauty of who you are, on your path to higher expressions of divine nature.

Magic of the Soul asks you to affirm and experience your inner divinity while at the same time honoring your humanness. 

This class will help answer these questions:

  • Why haven’t I completely healed, even though I have been using affirmations and prayer treatment for years?
  • How do we deal with the fear that comes up before, during and after we make a change?

For this class you will need a copy of MAGIC OF THE SOUL, BY PATRICK J. HARBULA – The Magic of the Soul: Applying Spiritual Power to Daily Living is a new book that offers 224 pages of inspirational guidance and practical techniques to create deeper levels of inner peace, fulfillment, and purpose. The book is a perfect guide for anyone interested in furthering their spiritual path, healing physical or emotional dis-ease, or achieving life dreams.

Class Book Requirement

Class Cost :  $173 – you can contact us for payment methods at 

Class Instructors:  will be