Sunday Services
9:30am Meditation
10:00am Inspiration
14 Hillary Lane, Chico, CA 95973

Here is a list of our upcoming events.

(new) Power of 8 Healing Circles Online

Amplify your magnetic power in a group of 8 If you are interested in joining a circle to heal others, your life and the world, call us to sign up! Please call our office at (530) 895-8395 Monday – Thursday form 10AM – 2PM to sign up for a date and time slot. Thanks! “The…

Spiritual class event flyer in chico, ca at Center for Spiritual Living, Chico called Brain Community Circle with a brain design floating above a sunrise

Community Brain Circle online

Improve your brain function & Mental Health Have you ever wanted to be apart of a community that was focused on improving your brain function and health? Learn to understand your brain and how it works with Community Brain Circle. This open group talks about what happens inside the brain when we are problem solving…

Flyer for a local Chic California Spiritual awakening class for Law of Attraction based on Abrahan Hicks The flyer has a photo of an ocean with baby blue boxes containing class information like the date and time

Law of Attraction Online

Live an awakened spiritual life. Filled with positivity and what you desire most. You have the power within you to attract your dream life. This power comes from a loving and supporting Universe that dose everything to support your highest purpose! Start living as a co-creator that actively uses the natural laws of the Universe…

Flyer for Free Online slow flow yoga class with orange colors

Free Slow Flow Yoga Online

Meet your new online yoga instructor! Liz George, M. A. Counseling, R-YT200 was a licensed psychotherapist for 30 years and is a dedicated student and teacher of practices that support wholeness. with Liz George She brings to her teaching a depth of knowledge from her study of bioenergetics, somatic process, Ayurveda, Healing Touch, and LifeForce Yoga. …

A pink and baby blue flyer design

A Course In Miricles Online

WHAT IS A COURSE IN MIRACLES? A Course in Miracles, also known as ACIM, is Spiritual Psychotherapy ACIM is a safe, non-judgmental, study group ACIM teaches a non-dualistic philosophy of forgiveness and includes practical daily lessons GROUP TOPICS INCLUDE:  Overcoming doubt and fears Letting go of guilt and shame Developing a consciousness of miracle-mindedness, spontaneous healing, and non-dual perception Achieving personal self-transformation WHAT’S NEW FOR OUR 2020 WORKSHOP? We are starting the New Year with newness, our A Course in Miracles…

Science of Mind Magazine Online

now online! Science of Mind Magazine is an open and caring group. Lead by the fun and eccentric Randy Tenchoff R.Sc.P. Who is a registered Science of Mind Practitioner that will make your learning experience personal and filled with good humor. Science of Mind Magazine, also known as S.O.M Magazine, touches on a variety of…

Sunday Services

Child Care 9:15am to 11:00am Meditation 9:30am to 9:45am Inspiration Service 10am to 11am Social Hour or Books and Bistro right after service

Portrait of Rev. Connie Asquith

Rev. Connie Asquith

Sunday Inspiration at 10:00AM Join us for our Sunday Inspiration Service, starting at 10:00am live streamed online through our YouTube channel. Don’t miss Rev. Connie Asquith’s first solo Sunday Service as a new Revered! Rev. Connie has been a wonderful registered practitioner at our Center for a number of years, and has now completed her…

Black and orange flyer for CSLChico

Dunbar Scholarship Sep. 2020

About the scholarship Scholarship applications are available by clicking the link below. Fill out the information from the document below after downloading the file Then please email the completed form back to us at – office@cslchico.org Download Here Age requirements & deadline dates Are available for students ages 17-25. Application deadline is due by January 31, 2021.…

Photo of Amber Darland with guitar. Sunday Inspiration Lesson for Center for Spiritual Living Chico Ca

Amber Darland Performance

Sunday Inspiration Service at 10AM Join us Sunday January 31st for a special guest performance online by talented musician Amber Darland! For a Sunday Lesson and music performance that will inspire! Also check out our matching Kosmic Kids blog in our “Community Blogs” section for her younger audience orientated lesson! About Guest Musician Amber Darland!…