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Metal heart key chain. with customs names engraved to create a puzzle heart shape

Rev. Kathy Fernandes & New Practitioner Interns!

Today’s Sunday Inspiration lesson explores Science of Mind philosophy by discussing how it empowers lives from first hand experiences with our Center’s newest group of practitioner interns Katt Llewellyn, Crystal Livley, Julie Fisher, and Amy Roberts! Who have been studying the New Thought based philosophy to become fully registered Science of Mind Practitioners here at…

Portrait of Rev. Andy

Feminine High watch

This Mother’s Day Rev. Andy Torkelson shares emotional memories from his childhood of the five powerfully inspiring women that deeply influenced his life. Today, our Center celebrates the Divine famine energy in and all around us. We are so grateful to every beautiful, loving, strong women out there! Rev. Andy Torkelson explores when he starts…

Screen shot of Deidrey Fancois giving an online performance

Deidrey Francios Music

Share in the joy, the healing, the prayers with Deidrey Frncois’ online March 28th Sunday music and lesson performance. As you watch from our YouTube channel dance and sing to the stillness within. “Resistance” is often referred in a negative light, similar to avoidance. But if we take a spiritual approach to resistance, it’s really…

Portrait of Rev. Michael Benson wearing a suit with a blue background

Infinite Possibilities

It’s been over one year since the 2020 nation-wide lock down… The pandemic has brought unexpected and new opportunities to go within for spiritual cleansing, time for reflecting, and connecting to ones inner and higher Divine self. How has this time treated you? Watch Rev. Michael Benson’s Sunday Inspiration lesson “Infinite Possibilities” to take the…