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The sea of Oneness Guided Meditation

Welcome & namaste!

This is an online recording of May 2nd’s guided meditation. This meditation has been created by registered and licensed Science of Mind practitioner John Boyle, to coincide with our CSL Chico Center’s May theme “Oneness”. Please enjoy and have a blessed day!

Guided Meditation “Sea of Oneness”

by John Boyle R.Sc.P.

Today we invite you to get comfortable, relax, sitting in your favorite chair, or your favorite space…gently closing the eyes. Allowing the shoulders to relax. the jaw to open.

Feel the energy of the space that is within you. Within your physical being,. relax. open up. Feel the energy of the space that is around you, relax, and open to a grater awareness. This is your time. Take a moment to scan the body for any tension. See if you can fill into that area a greater sense of relaxation, relax…let go.

Place your intention on the breathe. Can you feel the sensation of the air moving through the nostrils and the mouth? Feel the coolness. Inhale, exhale. Take a nice deep cleansing breathe. Hold it at the top, slowly release. In vision the oxygen feeding every cell, as you breathe. Can you feel and sense of rejuvenation the air is bring to your body in the present moment?

In this process, there is an elimination of that which no longer serves you as you exhale the carbon dioxide in perfect circulation. Feel a sense of peacefulness this process brings. Feel the circulation of good. Placing your attention on the heart, take a moment to listen to its beating. Imagine the oxygen rich blood as it moves though the body. Feel the energy of it, pulsating through the arm and artery, moving – feeding. As it is filtered through the body, and that which no longer serves is eliminated.

Feel the energy of life as it pulsates through the entirely of your body. This circulation of good. The circulation of good is everywhere. Focusing on that same heart space, I invite you to turn inward. That place of peacefulness – of warmth, joy, and love. Rest here in the heart of life, in the heart of the Divine, love, peacefulness, kindness, and goodness. Pulsates through my being.

And as these truths move through my being….judgement, condemnation of myself, or others, or any thought or idea, that creates the illusion of separation is eliminated, There is no space for it. There is only One.

In this place of Oneness release any thoughts or ideas about Oneness that act like ties that bind or restrict your flow of your good. Any feeling or memories of guilt from the past that create this illusion of separation are eliminated here.

The Goodness that pulsates through my being remind me I have the power to forgive everything and everyone. I forgive myself. I forgive myself. Releasing the ties that bind me. Leaves me with the feeling of the energy of love and, goodness continually pulsate through the cell of my being. Every part of who and what I am. I am free. I swim in the sea of Oneness creating waves of goodness. and splashing love on all that I see.

Peace to you my friend,