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The Power of 8 Healing Circles

“What we send out into the universe comes back to us, magnified through the power of intention. The energy of positive thoughts can be used as an influential force for positive transformation.”

The Law of Attraction

The Power of Eight by Lynne McTaggart was originally scheduled to be our book of the month for July. Due to the Coronavirus we are starting this book early and are creating healing circles based on her work.

If you are interested in joining a circle to heal others, your life and the world, call us at (530) 895.8395 to sign up!

Discover how to tap into your magnetic capabilities with a group of eight people safely online during our “Power of 8: Healing Circles”. This will be a private and online event for anyone who would like to give the power of positive thinking a try.

The healing circles are free, inclusive, respectful, online, and full of positive vibes! Let’s connect and heal during COVID-19. If you would like to learn more about the book and how it works please check out the video link below. Also if you would like to participate in a Power of 8 Healing Circle Please call our office at (530) 895-8395 Monday – Thursday form 10AM – 2PM to sign up for a date and time slot. We will contact you once there are enough people signed up to make a group of eight. We can’t wait to connect with you on Zoom!

Learn more about the power of 8 healing circles