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9:30am Meditation
10:00am Inspiration
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Written by Sandy Gohlke, RScP, emeritus

There is One Mind, One Heart that exists at the center of all beings and all things. As I speak these words I feel a vibration moving throughout my entire body. Through this conscious awareness I know we are all connected. There is no distance or space, no in between, it is all God, all Oneness. I allow myself to feel this ever present fullness and wholeness. I give thanks for the power moving through each of us, in recognizing this universal Truth.

I give thanks for all things and renew my mind by turning toward the inner spiritual presence. I willingly release any and all contrary human thoughts and ground myself in faith and knowing that there is an infinite power for good operating at all times and all places. I surrender human belief that I can be in charge and I embrace that my consciousness contributes to the expanding good in my life and in the world. I choose to align my thoughts and words with Spiritual Principles and accept the resulting inner peace. There is nothing I need to oppose, there is only being part of solutions by opening with love and acceptance. I notice the good effects and actions within the world. I support myself and the world by acknowledging the human efforts that come together to make this a better world. What I place my attention on grows. I remain consciously aware of my habits of thought and action and know my choices make a difference.

With gratitude I move forward supported by my intention and faith in divine activity of Spirit. I am right where I need to be and expand my consciousness in the direction I want to go. I courageously accept the unexpected and know good, and unlimited possibilities are manifested according to divine guidance. And so it is.