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picture of a team of hikers going up a moutain. and helping one another climb up to the top.

Kosmic Kids Trust Lesson

Affirmation: I can learn to trust. Some times it can be hard to trust people. Yet trust is an important part of life. It can help create unity with people. The following story is about the importance of unity. The Bundle of Sticks A certain Father had a family of Sons, who were forever quarreling…

Kosmic Kids Memory Game

Affrimation: I am one with the spirit. Spirit means alot to most people. Yet people see the spirit in many different ways. In the science of mind the spirit is “Life or intelligence conceived entirely apart from physical embodiment. It is a vital essence, force, energy, as distinct from matter.” This can be really confusing…

Faith as a verb for kids

Affirmation- I can use faith as a verb. This week your parents or guardians are learning how to use faith as a verb. They will practice acting out their faith. But that concept can be a little hard to understand sometimes. Today was a good day to learn how to use verbs a little better…

Kosmic kids weekly Activity 1

Kids Affirmation | “I understand the language of God!“ This week we uploaded a short activity for the kids posted on Facebook. All you need is paper and some drawing materials for this one; as they explore what gods language is. Please comment and share on Facebook because families could use more activities to do…