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I Am In The Flow

Written by Rev. Carolyn McKeown-Fish “The important thing is to always keep alive as long as welive.” In The Flow of Life – Eric Butterworth God is the living force in the universe. This Force does notage or deteriorate. Life is a constant process of renewaland regeneration; thus, there is no decay or death in…

All Unfolds for the Good

Written by John Boyle R.Sc.P. The One Divine Mind is in and of all things. All is connected and moves in harmony with Itself. Rhythm, balance, purpose and intention is expressed throughout the Universe, as all things move in perfect time and space. Wisdom is the nature and Principle the method of this Divine Infinite…

Unity in relationships

Written by Rev. Dr. Carolyn McKeown-Fish There is but One Mind, which is the Mind of God. In this Mind, all people live,move and have their being. Contained within this Mind is a Divine Pattern forhumanity which is a pattern of infinite harmony, peace, cooperation, unity,mutual helpfulness and ultimately Love. I know that my mind,…