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Community Blogs

Center for Spiritual Living Chico’s Community Blogs are blog articles created during the COVID-19 or Coronavirus Shelter-in-place act in California. To keep our New Thought community connected.

COVID Safety measures at Center for Spiritual Living Chico image of outdoor event

Why are we waiting to open?

Guiding Principles for Returning to our Center We want to keep everyone safe We want to be as inclusive as possible while keeping everyone safe (participation available in-person and online giving people options) We want everyone to be educated and as comfortable as possible following our COVID protocols Leadership has done the research and they…

Prayer for our country

Greetings Beloved Community, As we turn within, letting go of the outer appearance of chaos, division and confusion, we find at the depth of our Being, a Peace that passes Understanding, Deep Abiding and Divine Love, Everlasting Truth, and a Unity that connects all Life. As we each take the time to connect to that…

Face mask Sale on ACTION News Now

Thank you to Amy and Julie for making and selling beautiful face masks as a donation fundraiser for our Center! Together we can get through this! It’s important to stay centered in what brings you happiness, joy and spiritual meaning during the shelter-in-place. Thank you everyone who stopped by to get a face mask. We…

Community Kindness Project

Community Kindness Project

What the project is about Doing, Being or Having “Resilience” while living in quarantine and experiencing uncertainty. Originally started by Sharon Sales – keep the spirit of the project going by learning how you can participate in spreading kindness and staying socially connected during COVIC-19. Together we are strong and together we can grow and…

Woman wearing a mask at the grocery store during covid 19

Fear is contagious, but so is Love.

Written by Annalisa Cunningham Last week I was shopping in a grocery store with my mask on. All of a sudden I heard a woman next to the frozen foods scream at another woman:  “get away from me, you are supposed to be six feet away!” The woman being yelled at was perhaps 4 feet…

Earth Day Sun flower

We Love Mother Earth!

How we celebrated Earth Day at #CSLChico! This year Earth Day came during a brave new time for the local community and the whole world. COVID-19 brought new changes, new routines, and a new reality for us to adapt too. 2020’s Earth Day was both emotionally and spiritually a memorable day to embrace our inner…

Let’s Talk About Money

April’s Book of the Month “The Illusion of Money” by Kyle Cease Why Talk About Money? Ironically, people who want money, often have the fear of not making enough money. They are constantly bothered by the idea that they will never have enough. Consequently, we end up releasing into the Universe the energy of “I’m…

Let’s rename the phrase “Social Distancing” to the phrase “Physical Distancing”

by Annalisa Cunningham The world is being ordered to stay home. Shelter in Place.  And for good reason.  The news media is calling this “social distancing,” but REALLY what is being prescribed is physical distancing, not social distancing. We are social creatures. Human beings are innately tribal. We are wired to belong. As someone with Lyme disease,…

New Year with New Thought

Deepening Our Connection – 2020 theme for the new year! Everyone’s spiritual journey’s is unique and personal to them. At Center for Spiritual Living, Chico we want to facilitate a diverse center dedicated to spiritual growth. There are many ways to deepen your spiritual connection, for some it’s meditation, while for others it’s yoga. Whatever suits you…