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Community Kindness Project

Community Kindness Project

What the project is about

Doing, Being or Having “Resilience” while living in quarantine and experiencing uncertainty.

Originally started by Sharon Sales – keep the spirit of the project going by learning how you can participate in spreading kindness and staying socially connected during COVIC-19. Together we are strong and together we can grow and learn spiritually. Difficult times teach us what is really important, and the true value of human connection.

Image of Center for Spiritual Living Chico in Chico CA. And there Community kindness project April 2020

How to participate

1) Make or find an image that represents a Positive “Life Quality” or a “Resource” that is helping you feel better.

2) Take a picture.

3) Send it to your Friends and Family and ask them to “Play” too.

Great for all ages, adults and children

Example Photos