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9:30am Meditation
10:00am Inspiration
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I Am Healed

By Sandy Gohlke, R.Sc.P.

God is the abundant Source of Life. I am one with this Source and recognize health and well-being as a wealth of my being. Health and wholeness are restored in me now, as I recognize wholeness and balance as the true nature of my being. I recognize there is never any separation from the restorative power of the Infinite Creator.

I turn my thoughts away from the details of human conditions and notice the breath moving through me. This is Spirit breathing me, filling me with wonderous life. I am this one Life, the one Life of God that surges energy through my consciousness and body. Divine Energy cannot be obstructed. In faith, I set my intention to be free of ailments and trust the process of restoration moving through me. I am free of limited thinking and visualize vitality circulating throughout my wholeness. Spirit is the strength and vigor in every cell, organ and function of my Divine Being. I am patient with divine timing and remember all things are impermanent except the absolute nature of Spirit.

I stand in faith of Oneness as Spirit, operating collectively as Divine Truth. I replace fear and doubt with absolute belief and acceptance of the wholeness I AM. God provides all that is needed in divine timing. I move forward with ease and acceptance with newness in each moment. I give thanks for the Spirit I AM. I hold nothing back and release this truth into the responding Law of Mind that manifests all life in its perfection. And so it is.