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I am the Wealth of God

By Rev. Dr. Carolyn McKeown

There is one Divine Spirit that is creator of all. The Spirit
is a power for good – a universal intelligence forever
expressing Itself in form. Since the Source is in all,
through all and as all, I am a means by which It’s
Goodness, Love and Intelligence express as my life.

Aware I am the beneficiary of a well of abundance, the
trust fund of God’s wealth flows freely through me and
supports me in opulent ways. I let go of fear due to a
down-turn of usual business or the stock market because
my horn of plenty never runs out, and God knows what I
need before I do. I am filled with creative ideas that open
doors to allow greater prosperity. My consciousness of
wealth expands daily, and everything I touch prospers. I
am not afraid to welcome the richness of life in every way.
This way of thinking is contagious. I share my positive
viewpoint with others that there is always enough of every
need being met by the idea that God is my Source!

Gratitude fills my heart because having plenty in my life
allows me to help others. I experience a ripple effect, for
the more I give, the more I receive. As my Trust fund
appreciates, so I appreciate the many gifts life offers and
the idea that God’s wealth supports me forevermore!

And so it is.


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