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Kosmic Kids 4/26/2020

Affirmation:  I can feel the light of every moment.

It is important for one’s spiritual health to be able to pray and meditate on a regular basis. Yet in most cases it can only be done in small bursts. One reason why mindfulness practices can be so helpful is it can improve your awareness and allow for more present observations. In doing this it can ease a healthy mind into a consciousness where continuous prayer or meditation can become easier due to the rest of the mind being and observing only the now, affording us better opportunities to feel the light that is always around us.

While this concept of mindfulness in most cases is a little advanced for most children, it is still important to create a strong foundation. So we implore you to show your kids this simple set of classes by the “Mindful School”. This school creates simple to understand lessons on mindfulness and foundational spiritual practices for children. Currently it is ten lessons strong and is a good supplement and alternative to seeing us on Sunday. Any of their ten lessons should help in observing mindfulness and improving skills needed to perform more complex meditations and prayers.