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Kosmic Kids Reflection

Affirmation: I understand the importance of reflection.

Do you guys know what a reflection is ? I imagine you do, You probably see one every time you look in the mirror. Today I would like to look at self-refection. Self-reflection is a kind of meditation or serious thought about one’s character, actions, and motives. We are going to go over a few techniques on how to do this .

This thinking routine helps people reflect on how and why their thinking about a topic has changed over time. To begin, ask someone to consider their thoughts on a particular topic and use the sentence stem “I used to think…” to explain their initial opinions and/or beliefs. Then, after a lesson, prompt someone to share how their thinking has shifted, starting with “But now, I  think…” Ask people to elaborate on why their thinking has changed.

This thinking routine encourages people to connect their initial thoughts on a topic to new learning. People first share 3 thoughts, 2 questions, and 1 analogy about a topic of study. Then, after engaging in a learning experience (that may include additional learning content and/or new ideas), People share another “3, 2, 1.”

People explain how their prior understandings “bridge” with their new ways of thinking. It is important to communicate to people that there is nothing “wrong” with their first thoughts–they are just a starting point.