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Kosmic kids Understanding unity

Affirmation-I understand unity

Today I think it is a good idea to look at how science of mind looks at unity. It is a very important part of our center and our faith. In short Unity  is the Absolute Oneness of God and the individual.  
This means that you are part of everything and everything is part of you. Now that you know this why not try visualize this in some way with an activity. Halloween was just a few weeks ago and I can’t think of anything more creative for the session than pumpkin carving. So why not try to carve a pumpkin but instead of carving an average gourd think of it as part of you. How would you design yourself as a pumpkin ?  It should be pretty easy to find some discount pumpkins still. But if pumpkins are hard to come by why not try other gourds like acorn or butter nut squash. Remember to ask your parents for help and stay safe.