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Season for Nonviolence for kids Week 2

Week 2 of Activities to do at home

Build a quiet center within yourself. Allowing yourself to feel calm inside will help you to respond to situations peacefully.

Day 8 (Healing) February 6th

Remember a time when your feelings were hurt. Then share this experience with a parent or sibling. And let go of the feeling.

Day 9 (Dreaming) February 7th

Draw or write a poem about your dream of what you think peace is.

Day 10 (Faith) February 8th

Draw something that you want to see happen.

Day 11 (Contemplation) February 9th

Sit quietly listening to nothing but the sound of your breathe, for as long as you wish.

Day 12 (Groundedness) February 10th

Look around your room, and name as many things in your room as you can. Then close your eyes, and try to remember as many things as possible. See how many you can remember.

Day 13 (Creativity) February 11th

After dinner, create your own dance or song for your family.

Day 14 (Humility) February 12th

Remember a time when you made a mistake. Then tell it to a friend you trust, or a toy in your room. Then tell the friend or toy, about what you might have done differently. And let of the feeling.