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Teach Kids how to Meditate Using a Glitter Sensory Bottle

Affirmation | “I celebrate the power of creativity”.

This week we all are looking to creativity to find guidance. Exploring your creative side may bring you to your higher self.

What are some ways you live out creativity? 

Do you like painting?

Do you like dancing?

One way I like to be creative is through meditation. Today we are going to make something that helps with meditation. You have probably seen it before, it is the glitter meditation bottle that we use at the Center on Sundays!

A glitter calm down jar (also called a sensory bottle) can be used to help kids meditate. The movement of the glitter inside the jar allows us to focus our minds on something simple, like glitter. Teach your kids or grandchildren how to mediate by encouraging them to create their own glitter bottles at home! Now, let’s all quiet down and try to clear our minds as we watch the glitter slowly settle. Super stress relieving! They also make great gifts ideas for kids!

Materials & How to make a glitter bottle at home

Need some Color combo Inspiration?

Tropical Ocean – white and light turquoise glitter

Galaxy Milky Way – purple, silver, and dark blue glitter, and star glitter shapes

Glitter Lava – red, dark red, orange, and gold glitter ( I “lava you! )

Disney’s Frozen – White glitter, silver, lavender/ light blue, with snow flake glitter shapes

Pixie Dust – pink, silver, and some small amount of light green glitter

Holographic Disco Ball – rainbow glitter and silver glitter mixed together or rainbow reflective silver glitter.

Remember to ask your parents or legal guardian for help when creating your own glitter meditation jar at home.

Note *** Parents remember to super glue the lid shut if you plan on giving a calm down jar to a younger kid. Suggested ages 5 years+ with supervision.