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10:00am Inspiration
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The Essence of Life

Written by John Boyle R.Sc.P.

The Essence of Life embodies all Creation. This Essence is intelligent and creates out of Itself with purpose and intention. The Essence of Life is God and is all that exists.  All that exists, exists because of God; all that exists, exists as God. 

I am the Essence of Life; it is my Truth, my natural way of being. This enlighten thought opens the door of my consciousness where I align my beliefs and actions with my Truth. With intention I express the freedom that I am knowing I am always on purpose. 

As I consciously move in alignment with the Essence of Life, meaningful ideas and thoughts flow to me. I listen to the voice of Wisdom within and I am guided to form a greater idea to be expressed. I am always a decision away from a unique and fulfilling experience. With purpose and intention I naturally create a life filled with love, joy, wholeness and abundance.

I am grateful for the embodiment of my being by the Essence of Life because it allows me to express my greatest and highest good. I am grateful for a life that chooses to move in integrity with God. I am grateful for my life which is Good.

I release my word into the Essence of Life knowing that all is well right here, right now, in this moment forward. And so it is.