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Earth Day Sun flower

We Love Mother Earth!

How we celebrated Earth Day at #CSLChico!

This year Earth Day came during a brave new time for the local community and the whole world. COVID-19 brought new changes, new routines, and a new reality for us to adapt too. 2020’s Earth Day was both emotionally and spiritually a memorable day to embrace our inner courage and inner grace as responsible stewards of Mother Earth.

Though our local community couldn’t meet in person. We still came together to celebrate Earth Day by connecting with one another online. We made and decorated our own “We Love Mother Earth” signs or sent a photo of our gardens / green projects at home.

Shelter-in-place is a historically important time to stay centered in hope, spirituality, joy, happiness, and most importantly staying connected with others.

We Love Mother Earth

How We are Helping Mother Earth at home

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