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Faith as a verb for kids

Affirmation- I can use faith as a verb.

This week your parents or guardians are learning how to use faith as a verb. They will practice acting out their faith. But that concept can be a little hard to understand sometimes. Today was a good day to learn how to use verbs a little better so we can also learn how to use faith as a verb.

First, we gotta ask what is a verb? There are a few kinds of verbs but generally speaking a verb describes an action. This action can be physical like throwing a ball or mental like thinking about something or someone.

We looked at faith the other day. In short it means you believe in something. You can have faith in something simple like “I have faith that the sun will rise.” Or complex like “I have faith that my brother will listen to his school teacher.”.Faith is normally used as a noun in modern times. But a very long time ago faith was used as a transitive verb. A transitive verb is a verb that transforms another object or person. A good example can be “I flatten the hat.” ,The hate in that sentence was transformed due to the action in the sentence. This means most transitive sentences cause change to something other than the speaker. So when you faith a person it means you have started to believe in someone but that belief does not only affect you it also affects the other person . It can be hard all the sudden to start to believe in people and things but it is an important part in creating trust and bolstering faith for both you and the thing or person you believe in .

In our practices faith causes change and the word faith as a verb represents just that.

All this verb talk has given me a hankering to practice grammar so here are a couple of websites that offer games to improve grammar, also one of the links below. Explains both transitive and intransitive verbs better than I can.

Transitive verbs

Grammar games