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image of a flock of birds flying around at sunset

I Fly Freely

Written by John Boyle R.Sc.P.

The murmurations of migrating birds whirling in the wind like thick black smoke. Thousands of birds making hairpin turns, swiftly shifting up and down and all around, creating irregular shapes in perfect unison as they dance to the symphony of Life conducted by the One Infinite Mind. I know that all things move in Perfect Harmony, connected as one Group Soul. There is only one Mind, one Conductor, one Life, one Dance and one Dancer.

I too am the Dance, the Dancer and the Conductor in the symphony of Life. There are multitudes of expressions and reflections of the One moving, swirling, shifting all around. This connected, intertwined fabric of Life is what I am.

Knowing this Truth I consciously focus my awareness on the Oneness of Life. I see beyond appearances, conditions, and therefore have no need to make ignorant judgements. I let go of any self-ordained requirement or habit I have to control, to be right, to worry or to live in fear. I embrace my faith which allows me the freedom to instinctively shift, move and dance in the Spiritual mumuration of Life. I pour the Love that I am into the Group Soul and I receive the unlimited abundance Life has to offer. My life reflects my foundational knowing that there is only One. My relationships are rich and meaningful, my interactions authentic and my actions in alignment with the Love that I am.

I am grateful for the purposeful, synchronized dance of Life that allows me to fully express my intuitive Nature.

I release, let go, fly freely into Life knowing all is One.

And so It is.