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Health, Finances and Wellbeing

SOM TREATMENT by Vicki Lopes

There is only one Spirit.

This Spirit, in all of its Magnificence, Expresses in, as and through me, through you and through all that is.

The Love that exudes from Spirit is the very sustenance that supports me and every Being on our planet with Compassionate Tenderness, ensuring perfect balance in the way of health,abundant finances and total wellbeing

I am so very Grateful to intimately know this Love that permeates every cell, every aspect of my Being, everyone and everything. Spirit is actively “at Work” in each and every moment…eternally, filling me and all with its Powerful Love.

The shear Magnificence of Its Love in action propels me to release these words into the Law of Universal Mind, knowing that Perfect Health, Abundant Finances and total Wellbeing are already manifested.
ALL is Good!…And So IT Is!