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SOM Treatment for Creativity

Written by Vicki Lopes

There IS only the One…one God, Spirit, Great Creator…whatever name is given. The One that has been and always will be…Pure Omnipotence, Omniscience and Omnipresence.

This Oneness expresses itself Creatively as me, as you as everyone and everything. The Power of this Creativity is as minute as the tiniest organism to as grand as the eye can see or thoughts can imagine. Imagination activates this Holy Creativity to the Highest of Expressions no matter what one’s biological age is. Creativity in action solves perceived problems and evolves into manifestations of the most magnificently beautiful images and things…all
forms…sounds…endless wonderful ways to express.

I am absolutely filled with deep Gratitude knowing that Oneness connects us all as One Mind of Creative Expression. As I tap into this One Mind of Creative Expression, I feel Joy permeating my entire being. Oneness Joy fuels my Soul, ever Guiding me in every opportunity I choose Creative Expression! Oh my Goodness, I feel giddy with Delight!

As such, I release these words, themselves a form of Oneness Creation, into the Law of Universal Mind, knowing that all is Perfect, Whole and Complete!

And So IT Is!!!