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I am a Cheerful Receiver

Written by Rev. Connie Asquith

“A Christian friend of mine asked me to pray for her. I put a few ‘Lords’ in it because of her faith, but it works just fine for any one needing spiritual guidance. Science of Mind teachings honor all paths to God.”

I believe in God. I believe God is Good. I believe God wants me to be at peace, to feel safe as I move through my world, with all my needs easily met. I know it is God’s great pleasure to give me, yes ME, the Kingdom. The banquet is prepared. The table is set. All I need is laid out before me. All is just waiting for me to take the gifts so lovingly and freely given.

I say YES! I chose to receive the good so graciously offered to me. First, I wash my hands of all the old limiting beliefs I have been carrying around—that I don’t deserve this good, that there’s not enough for me, that life is hard, that in order to have good things happen, I have to struggle. In this precious moment, I let those old ideas go. They are not the Truth.

I am whole, complete and perfect because God doesn’t make anything that isn’t whole, complete and perfect! It is my birthright. It is who I truly am. As I let go of the stories I have been telling myself, I feel my shoulders relax. My breathing becomes calm and even. My jaw releases. Ahh, I am home in the Lord. I am home in the Truth.

I come to the table and say a blessing, giving thanks that all my needs are already met.—there is an endless supply! And it is endless for Everyone. What I take does not lessen what anyone else has. My cup overflows! I am so blessed. I take some to give to others. My arms are full of Love, Joy, Peace, Power, Beauty, Wisdom and Light—the gifts of God.

I am so full of gratitude to know that this IS the Truth and that all is well for me and my world. I am so blessed that whenever the burdens of the world wear me down, that I can come back here, back Home, knowing that the Lord is my friend and always there to support, guide and love me.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
And so IT IS. Amen.