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KOSMIC kIDS 5/10/2020

Affirmation: I Live Life with Intention!

What is intention? Well an intention is a desire, a want , a goal, or anything you are working towards. It could be wanting to learn to read chapter books or practicing throwing to do better in your next baseball game. The goal of living life with intention is to make every moment matter, to have a goal at every turn. It could be as simple as being mindful or it could be a complex series of steps that lead to an end goal you want. 

Step 1.

What intentions do you have ?

I want you to write them all down on a big list. ( Have someone help you spell them out if you need help!)

Then pick out one or two you can complete this week!

Think of all the steps to finish this task.

step 2

Then take a piece of paper and draw a box for each step.

In that box draw a small picture that represents that step.

Then put this drawing on the fridge and as you complete the steps to this goal cross them out. 

Seeing yourself complete each step will help you envision your intentions and make your goals a reality.

Please tell us on Facebook how you would live with intentions!