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picture of older man going on a run

I Am In The Flow

Written by Rev. Carolyn McKeown-Fish

“The important thing is to always keep alive as long as we
live.” In The Flow of Life – Eric Butterworth

God is the living force in the universe. This Force does not
age or deteriorate. Life is a constant process of renewal
and regeneration; thus, there is no decay or death in God.
Life is an eternal and dynamic flowing process.

I am a vital expression of Divine Life, committed to
growing forward rather than growing old. I refuse to buy
into race beliefs of growing old or slowing down. Being
well equipped to receive the blessings Spirit has given me,
I move easily into the next phase of my life – peaceful,
joyful and productive. Learning from past experiences that
change is good, I embrace new adventures that broaden my
horizons. Faith in God strengthens my resolve to fulfill my
hearts desires and see my goals demonstrated.

I give thanks that I have the free-flowing energy of God to
do the things that ought to be done by me in joyful ways.
As I release my word to Infinite Mind, the Law of God acts
upon it in powerful ways. And so it is.