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Teaching Kids About making THEIR own path

Affirmation: I am on my path.

We are all on our own path. It takes a lot of effort to find that we have one.  Every one has their own path, and our paths often intersect and shapes others. So let us explore our paths together. 

A path is a way for us to see and understand what comes before us. This path is both physical, and spiritual. It is the roads we take every day and the choices we make. The path is also shaped by our emotions and how we connect to the spirit all around us.

Do you remember last week when we talked about intention? Setting an “intention” is a tool that helps guide and direct our path. It is important to act with positive intentions because your intentions will have an effect on the world around you. This means what we do everyday will at some point cross paths with another person. So do your best to be kind. Because the people you meet are also on their own path!

Let us look at a visual example to better understand  the concept of a path.

Looking at a maze is a good example. Imagine your path is a maze. The difference between a normal maze and the image below us is your line or your spirit shapes the maze before you. I want you to grab a piece of paper and a pencil to start today’s activity.

First, I want you to draw a line. This line can go all sorts of was as long as it does not cross it self or over lap in any way.

Second, I would like you to surround that line with a box, or outline, that is still open at the beginning and end of the line and a few other places. See the example below for a good reference.

Third, I would like you to create a large box connecting the the lines where they meet the box.

Finally, you should fill the box with other boxes and sets of lines and remove your original line. With that you will get a maze. The maze in this case represents the endless possibilities your path can take. Now let your spirit or intention help you navigate through the maze.

We all have paths to follow and it is up to us to explore them. Why not try exploring a few more? After you finished making your own maze, why not download some printable mandala mazes from the website bellow.

You can find these images and more at this website https://www.woojr.com/printable-mandala-mazes-for-kids/