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Flexibility and Ease

Written by John Boyle R.Sc.P.

I experience the Life that surrounds me. It is the gentle gliding of the tides sashaying along the seashore in a rhythmic dance. The effervescent, salty water that I can taste and feel upon my face. The glistening moonlight expressing its beauty as it reflects on the imperfectly perfect surface of the vast ocean. God is infused in all my experiences; God is all there is. I experience the Life that surrounds me because I am aware that I am the Life that surrounds me. 

God is not only at the center of my being, It is the center of my being.  It is the very essence of who I am.  It’s Life is my life and I permit It’s powerful current to flow through me.

Just as the rhythmic waves caress the seashore I know that waves of vitality and wholeness flow through my being. Washed away are any thoughts, ideas or beliefs that do not serve me. The Light of clarity shines upon my being and I move in rhythm recognizing the guided wisdom of the Divine. I allow the current of Spirit to carry me away into the realm of wholeness, free from any pain or discomfort.  My body is the perfect reflection of my Inner Being therefore, I move gracefully with flexibility and ease. I express the freedom that I am as I reflect the Truth that I Am.

I am grateful for the inspiring beauty that surrounds me and reminds me of who and what I am. I am grateful for the new patterns of thought that bring me the ease and grace to move freely and painlessly throughout my day. 

From this place of gratitude I release my word knowing that all is well.

And so it is.