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Kosmic Kids at home art project

Affirmation: I am a mirror of your perfection.

This fun cooperative art project is designed to encourage partners to team up and make matching paintings by following one another’s lead.In short it allows the kids to be mirrors of each other’s perfection in a very tangible way.

What you’ll need:

-Paint,Crayons or markers

-Drawing paper and easel or marker boards or clipboards

-And most important a buddy to do this with (parents,siblings or friends)

What to do:

Set two large pieces of paper side by side on a table or clip them next to each other on a large easel.  Tell one partner that he is the leader and instruct him to paint a picture, one step at a time.  Instruct the other partner to follow the leader, painting the exact same shapes and lines in the same places on his paper.  Set a timer for a few minutes to indicate when that partner’s turn is over and then switch.

How to change it up:

Position one child at the easel in front of a group of friends and people.  Give the rest of the people marker boards or clipboards with paper and a crayons. The child at the easel acts as the leader, drawing shapes and lines as the rest of the people imitate what they see on their boards.

-The parent can acts as the leader, drawing more complex pictures, or putting several simple shapes together to make a picture (e.g. a sailboat, a sun, a car).

-Take the visual cue out of the equation and allow the leader to cue his partner verbally for what to paint next.