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Rainbow “I AM”Affirmations for Kids

Affirmation: I am as limitless as the colors of the rainbow

Why do rainbows in the window matter?

It’s simple they spark hope! Rainbows are beautiful arches of reflected light in the sky that form after storms. The saying goes “The bigger the storm, the bigger the rainbow”!

People all across the world are placing rainbows in their home or business windows to cheer up other people in the community. Seeing something as simple as a rainbow can brighten up someone’s day!

If you have tried looking at windows around the country you may notice rainbows in windows have become a norm during covid-19. We hope to create our own version of this idea combined with positive affirmations. A few weeks ago we went over “I AM” affirmations. This week we will reaffirm what we learned by creating a rainbow of “I AM” affirmations.

The supplies you will need:

Different colored crayons or color pencils, to make a rainbow

A piece of paper  


A nice window to put your poster up

Along with some patience 

Each “I AM” statement will start in the center and share the same “I AM” then it will have different statements that can be different colors.

They will come together to make up a rainbow. 

Practice your own affirmations!

Why don’t you practice making “ I AM” statements for a little bit?

I thought of some good ones like:

I am  positive! – We all need stay positive at a time like this.

I am healthy! – We all need to celebrate our health not just physical health but our spiritual and emotional health. 

I am full of love! – We all need realize that love is around us without seeing it in person

I am full of respect! – We all need to respect other people’s needs.

We would love to see your “ I Am” Rainbows so why not try message them to us on Facebook!