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Kosmic kids knowing how to be inclusive

Affirmation: I know when to be inclusive.

The definition of inclusive is when you do not leave any part or group out of something else.An example of being inclusive is to invite everyone in your class to a party.It is good to be inclusive when it comes to people.There are many reasons why.  Can you think of any? Some of the ones I can think of are: to make people feel happy,included or safe.Another good reasons to be inclusive is to get a better understanding of a group’s opinion, or to find out something new. Lets face it, some people know things we don’t and being inclusive helps us learn. Can You think of times where being inclusive helped you?

For today’s activity I would like you to try to think of five ways to be inclusive and write them down and put it somewhere you can remember to look at it, maybe on the fridge. For the next week I would like you to spend your time trying to perform those ways to be inclusive. I know it may be hard to spend time with people but that makes it all the more important to be inclusive now.