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Kosmic Kids Memory Game

Affrimation: I am one with the spirit.

Spirit means alot to most people. Yet people see the spirit in many different ways. In the science of mind the spirit is “Life or intelligence conceived entirely apart from physical embodiment. It is a vital essence, force, energy, as distinct from matter.” This can be really confusing to understand. Yet it can be simplified a little bit. In short everything is part of the spirit and spirit is part of everything. But even though the spirit is everywhere it does not have to be physically there. I want you to draw the spirit. To help you visualize this spirit. What does it look like to you? If you want a little practice with visualization try playing this following game to get in the mind set.

Visualization Game


Assorted objects from around your house


Tea towel

Small sack

Paper and pencil


Collect ten to twenty small common objects, e.g., safety pin, spoon, eraser, watch, comb, button, ring, thumb tack, clothespin, key, cork, stamp, etc.

Place the objects on a tray.

The players have one minute to look at the tray and then it is covered with the towel.

The players must then write down all the objects they can remember.

The winner is the one who has the most correct items.

This game can also be played by using the sense of touch.

Place the objects in a small sack (burlap is best) with only enough room at the opening for a hand to go through.

Each player has one minute to place his or her hand in the bag and then try to recognize as many objects as possible.

Again, the player who has written down the most correct items is the winner.

This will help you practice visualization and maybe you can create a visualization of spirit with more focus