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9:30am Meditation
10:00am Inspiration
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One with Abundance

Written by Sandy Gohlke

I quiet my mind and open to the great realization of an abundant Universe. I recognize there is an unseen Presence for good that creates all life out of itself for the purpose of expressing more of itself as life. This One Life lacks nothing. I am one with this One Life, inseparable from Love, Peace, Divine Power, Beauty, Joy, Light and limitless supply on this planet called Earth. I embrace this truth and align my consciousness with divine order and balance expressed through the givingness of Spirit and receptivity within my core.

While I may be faced with human conditions that awaken my vulnerability and fear of lack and limitation, I remember to quiet myself and connect with an inner stillness that is grounded in the divine flow of giving and receiving. I place my faith in the invisible power and Presence of Spirit that supplies more than is needed. I practice gratitude for all that life gifts to me and accept there is more coming my way. I align and operate from my divine nature to give freely from a compassionate heart, to myself and others, assured I am never void.

I discard distractions of thought that begin with “what if” and replace this stinking thinking with affirming something better is unfolding. I set my intention to engage in right action that attracts opportunities to prosper.

I affirm I am worthy and capable, willing to move my feet beyond comfort and try something new. I operate with the courage to see myself as an abundant being. I reframe my self-image and know I am included. I am willing to show up and be my larger Self, supported along the way by Spirit.

One Life, One Spirit operating through me; I accept inner strength to show up and feel included. I am willing to be the life of Spirit in action.

I am a very grateful Spirit expanding in this human life.  I am gratefully succeeding in stepping forward into greater good.  And so it is.