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Let’s rename the phrase “Social Distancing” to the phrase “Physical Distancing”

by Annalisa Cunningham

The world is being ordered to stay home. Shelter in Place.  And for good reason.  The news media is calling this “social distancing,” but REALLY what is being prescribed is physical distancing, not social distancing. We are social creatures. Human beings are innately tribal. We are wired to belong.

As someone with Lyme disease, I have experienced social isolation. Those with Chronic illness know the drill. You don’t feel well enough to participate in every day activities, so you stay home.  And it can feel quite lonely. While struggling with my illness one of the things that helped me was my determination to stay connected to others.  Attending service at our center was a place I knew I could gather with like-minded people. Now that option is gone.  

But guess what? Even though we cannot gather in person, we can still stay connected and participate with our tribe as we have lots of options to still be social while remaining physically distanced.  Here at the Center for Spiritual Living, Chico we are creating ways for us to remain in social connection.  We will be using Zoom as a way to connect online where all who choose to participate will be seen, listened to and loved. Let me say that again: we will be seen, listened to, and loved.

My vision is that this will be an interactive experience.  People genuinely connecting heart to heart.  Right now we are forming ideas of how to make this happen. I’d like to join a book discussion group on Zoom with those who want to participate using the book of the month recommended at our Center. We will also offer a gentle yoga class for those who are interested. What ideas do you have? 

I will be writing a blog about ways we can uplift ourselves and stay connected during this time of shelter at home.  Please let me know any needs that you have, and any ideas you would like to share. Together, we can do this.

In loving kindness, Annalisa Cunningham (look me up in the Center’s directory)

P.S. We will be explaining the process of how to get on Zoom for those who need assistance.


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