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I Am the Health of God

By Rev. Dr. Carolyn McKeown-Fish

There is a wholeness that is a self-existent Cause – God, Creator of all.  The divine pattern of God’s perfection is the system operating in, through and as all of life at all times.  This is the Truth of my body right now, even in the face of a world-wide disease.

I see with the eyes of God to look beyond physical appearances or conditions and know that the Intelligence within me is revealing the perfection that was intended in the beginning.  What is true of the Great Spirit is true of me, thus, every organ and function of my body is doing exactly what it needs to do to make me comfortable, energetic and vitally alive.  I am always connected in the Mind of God, therefore, I only see the Good, the True and the Beautiful. 

I refuse to allow medical opinions about disease to interfere with my life. There is nothing lacking in the Mind of God, and therefore, there can be none in me.  I am an immortal, spiritual being with boundless energy as well as a vision of living my life in absolute wholeness.  As I travel to and fro for appointments, the drugstore or the grocery store, I practice keeping a distance from others as mandated and also maintaining that idea that everyone else is always safe.  Divine Intelligence goes before all of us making our way smooth and clear.

Gratitude fills me as I know I experience the constant flow of wellness throughout my being.  I release this Word, knowing that God’s Law has already revealed the way.  And so it is


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