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Let’s Talk About Money

April’s Book of the Month

“The Illusion of Money”

by Kyle Cease

Why Talk About Money?

Ironically, people who want money, often have the fear of not making enough money. They are constantly bothered by the idea that they will never have enough.

Consequently, we end up releasing into the Universe the energy of “I’m scared of not having enough”. Rather than sending that energy into “I want it”. Author Kyle Cease, goes on to say, when you really want something that your not yet in alignment with. You are held back by inner beliefs that prevent you from synchronizing with the thing you want most.

These inner beliefs are hard-wired into our thinking patterns. We have been subconsciously conditioned since we were children to believe the positive or negative ideas about money and wealth that have been stated-over-again by family, friends, peers, and the place we grew up in.

It’s up to you to say no to negative beliefs, and start actively letting go of those illusions that you don’t have enough. You are enough. Your life is filled with an abundance of wealth. Believe in your worth. You are worthy. You are a gift far better than money.

An Interview with the Author

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    Has anyone had a chance to read Aprils’s book of the month? What do you think? Thanks!

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