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Season for Nonviolence purple image with martin luther king gandhi and the dali lama online blog post image for week 1 activities for kids


What is season of non violence?

See how younger kids can get involved in this years’ 16th annual “Season for Nonviolence” safely during a pandemic! Starting on January 30th & continues to April 4th. This national event marks the 64 days between two of the most iconic non-violence & peaceful protest activists Gandhi and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

The Season teaches that every person can move the world forward in the direction of peace through daily nonviolent choices and actions

Non-violence International

Week 1

Let’s start off week 1 by showing ourselves compassion. When we show ourselves compassion we also learn how to show others compassion.

Day 1 (Courage) January 30th 2021

Have a parent light a candle for you. Make a wish for peace, then release it by blowing the candle out. Note ** If you don’t want to use a candle, use a dandelion instead!

Day 2 (Smile) January 31st 2021

Smile at least three people who look different from you. Make everyone feel welcomed with a kind smile!

Day 3 (Appreciation) February 1st 2021

Tell every member of your family one thing that you like about them.

Day 4 (Caring) February 2nd 2021

Tell a parent, or write down a list of 3 things that you do to take care of yourself. Taking care of yourself is just as important as helping others!

Day 5 (Believing) February 3rd 2021

Finish the following sentence by saying something good about yourself:

I am ___________________________________.

Day 6 (Simplicity) February 4th 2021

Clean up a cluttered area in your bedroom today.

Day 7 (Learning) February 5th 2021

Read a book today or have a parent or older sibling read to you. Reading teaches you a new perspective from new characters!