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9:30am Meditation
10:00am Inspiration
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Kosmic Kids manifestations

Affirmation: I am a conscious creator.

Today we are going to play the “I See” game.

It will help us visualize what we want but sometimes, our desires have emotional charges or limiting beliefs attached to them. So to help you see quick success in attracting what you want, it’s useful to start with something neutral. Like Decide on something you want to see that day. Thinks of one thing to pick. It can be anything. For example: seeing a little girl with pigtails, or a yellow car. You then set the intention that you will see it that day. If you can try telling your parents about it or even better have them participate with you.

At dinnertime or the end of the day, share what you saw. Quite often, you will both see your manifestation. As time goes on try more and more things to manifest. And as you become more comfortable with manifesting hopefully your emotional charges that connect to certain goals become less impactful on your manifestations.