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All Unfolds for the Good

Written by John Boyle R.Sc.P.

The One Divine Mind is in and of all things. All is connected and moves in harmony with Itself. Rhythm, balance, purpose and intention is expressed throughout the Universe, as all things move in perfect time and space. Wisdom is the nature and Principle the method of this Divine Infinite Mind. The Wisdom of life animates all things and coordinates all activity. There are no mistakes.

I fully recognize that I am the Divine and that my life is the perfect expression of rhythm, balance, purpose and intention. I know that all Wisdom is contained within me and that I am inherently wise.

There is no time in the Mind of the Divine. All that I have experienced or will experience is the perfect unfoldment of the Perfect Life that is me. I release any thoughts or false beliefs, conscious or subconscious, from my childhood memories that in any way interferes with the indwelling Spirit that knows. I know that all unfolds for the Good. I shroud my Life Path in the Love that I am. I cultivate inner tranquility allowing myself to see beyond conditions, staying calm and centered in my Truth. When faced with tribulation, I turn to the Knower within heeding the guidance that comes. I trust, listen, and act in accordance with what I sense to be the highest good in each situation that arises.

I am grateful for the blessing that is my life for I know that I am that I AM.

Releasing my word into this moment I know that there are no mistakes and that all is well.

And so it is.