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picture of three kids playing outside

Teaching Faith to Kids

Affirmation: “I live life with faith!

To start with I would like to identify what faith means to most people. Today we are going to use the definition

“A strong or unshakable belief in something, especially without proof or evidence”.

Faith is a part of many things. It is part of yourself. Believing that you can read a book you earlier thought was too hard. Or believing you can shoot that basketball you thought was two far away is part of faith. In Science of Mind, faith helps us in every part of our life. Faith is a very important part of religious belief. Faith also relates to how well you trust people.

This relates to the activity I have planned for this Sunday. It is a trust building and non verbal game made to improve faith in a group dynamic.

What you need

-At least four participants

-A few different kinds of tape

-A big outside space

-Different colored markers for the kids to stand on

-A coordinator

This is a really easy activity to set up, but really hard for kids to solve! That’s precisely why this is a great team building activity for kids.

Each kid gets a colored dot, which is then lightly taped onto their forehead. Each kid must then figure out what color the dot is on their forehead.

They are not allowed to use words only to pick up context clues or hints that the other participants are willing to reveal non-verbally. This can be done by pointing at the primary color in the area around them, spelling out the word without saying the color directly, through some kind of charades game using only gestures.

Once the color Is Identified the child must then run to their colors matching marker and wait for the other kids to find theirs. Once this is done the colors will be revealed. Depending on the number of kids, there will be only a few colored dots (so a few kids will have the same color). This is a great team building game, because it forces kids to communicate non verbally. The whole team wins if they get it all right.