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Teaching kids to listen to their own inner GUIDANCE at home game

Affirmation: “I am Guided by my faith!”
Hi Everyone Today I want to talk about faith one more time. I know that we worked with it last week, but I want to practice how we can be guided by our faith. I have a fun little activity that requires patience and illustrates what it takes to look out and listen to the world around you and help you find God’s guidance. Its not always with words like in this game that God reaches us, God communicates with us in many ways. We just need to be patient and listen. This is what the game illustrates, but it is also really fun.

Players will be paired up with one other person. One of the players is blindfolded (you can use any kind of fabric). Then, use whatever things are available, (chairs, cushions, bags, etc.) to create a simple obstacle course.

The blindfolded person begins at one side of the obstacle course, and has to listen to his or her partner to successfully make it through the obstacles. Some examples are: “Stop!” “Take three steps to the left.” or “Take two small steps forward,” etc.

While the blindfolded person is listening to the partner, other players are trying to distract the blindfolded person. They might say things like: “That’s not the right way to go!” “Follow me, and you’ll be safe.” “Big mistake going that way!” “No, take three steps to the right!”

It may be necessary to set up several obstacle courses if your group is large, because every person will want to experience listening to that one voice of the person that would lead them safely through the obstacles.

Materials needed

  • at least 3 people
  • a blindfold
  • Items such as chairs, tables, blankets, sleeping bags, etc. to create the obstacle course