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Kosmic Kids and ineffability

Affirmation:  I understand the importance of ineffability.

The word ineffable means too great or extreme to be expressed or described in words.

Do you ever have a time where you can’t find a word for something you are feeling? Most times there is a word for   feelings especially as you learn more vocabulary, but from time to time you might not have the  words to describe your emotions,opinions or beliefs. When that happens your feelings are ineffable. There are parts of religions that are ineffable,in most cases this ineffable state is considered normal. Things like faith allow people to accept ineffable aspects of religion.

Today we should try to find somethings that are ineffable in your life. Try writing down some things that are ineffable. Did you notice that these things are hard or impossible to describe in words. Sadly that part of the problem. Why not try drawing it or expressing it in other ways. Maybe turning it into a dance, or play may help you get it across. Remember the creative you are the easier it is to express your ideas.